7 Educational Podcasts for Teens You’ll Actually Want to Listen To!

If you haven’t already taken a dive into the world of podcasts, now is the perfect time – there is a podcast for every interest (including tons on leadership)! However, with many high schoolers learning from at home at the moment, we thought we’d instead share a few of our favourites that are not only interesting and fun to listen to, but will leave you smarter than you before you hit play. And just so you know, all of these educational podcasts for teens are free to listen to and are available online as well as on the Apple Podcast app and Spotify.

Science Versus

Need some inspiration for your next science project? In this science podcast, the hosts take on everything from DNA kits, shark attacks, and the keto diet to determine if the scientific research actually backs up the claims and myths. Is almond milk actually better for the planet than dairy milk? Is 5G a technological revolution, or a health threat? They even have a whole bunch of recent episodes about COVID-19, turning to the research to answer common questions. This makes a great educational podcast for teens because you can find the topics you are interested in and the fast-paced, never-bored format of the show will keep you entertained! Listen to Science Versus

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Even if you aren’t a fan of history class, this podcast is a great option as an educational podcast for teens. The history the hosts cover in the podcast is not what you’d usually read about in a textbook. Therefore, instead of a dry list of names and dates, episodes feel more like fascinating and crazy stories than make you go, “Wow, who would have thought?!”. Listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class 

Switched On Pop

Regardless of what kind of music you’re into, Top 40 is inescapable. But why is a podcast about Top 40 music making the cut for our list of educational podcasts for teens? The hosts – a songwriter and a musicologist (yes, that’s a real job) – dissect the most popular songs of the moment to determine what makes them catchy and successful. It’s a fun podcast that’s easy listening, but after a few episodes, you’ll find yourself with a surprising amount of classical music theory and listening to songs differently! Listen to Switched On Pop 

TED Talks Daily

It’s not a list of educational podcasts without TED Talks… right? All the interesting, thought-provoking content of TED Talks, but in audio form. Now there’s no excuse not to check out that TED Talk you keep meaning to! You can listen to it while cooking, going for a walk, or just taking a break from screens. Of course, being a leadership program, we especially like the many inspiring talks from leaders who have created big change in the world in every field possible! Listen to Ted Talks Daily

Philosophize This!

Philosophy was never so interesting, making this a great option for those of you looking for an educational podcast for teens covering topics you may not get in high school! Designed to provide a foundational understanding of philosophy and its many thinkers and approaches, you don’t need to have any background in philosophy to enjoy this podcast! Start back at Episode 1, and each subsequent episode builds your knowledge, gradually moving into more deep and complex topics. The host explains everything in easy-to-understand language, making it unpretentious, understandable, and totally entertaining! Listen to Philosophize This!

How I Built This

Interested in entrepreneurship? This podcast is home to conversations with the founders of some of the biggest and most successful companies and movements in the world. Not only will you learn more about the origins of your favorite companies and their founders, but also be inspired by the many different forms of leadership and the many different paths to success. Listen to How I Built This

Good Together

You’re probably (hopefully!) thinking about climate change and how you can live more sustainably, but there’s so much to understand! Good Together makes it onto our list of educational podcasts for teens as an easy way to learn more about the topics within sustainability that interest you. Tiny houses? The impact of online shopping? Bees? Zero waste? 45 minutes later and you’ll feel more informed, inspired, and ready to make a difference than ever. Listen to Good Together

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