Leadership Lesson Plans for Students ages 12-18

Leadership lesson plans for teens designed by our expert youth leadership facilitators to help middle school and high school students understand their leadership potential, identify their passions and values, learn communication and teamwork skills, and make a difference in their community!

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Here at Powerful Youth, we believe that EVERY youth is powerful and has the power to make change in their community! Our leadership lesson plans are designed for middle-to-high school students ages 12-18 anywhere in the world, and can be delivered by a group leader, facilitator, or educator. We have led over 50 leadership workshops in international schools in 10+ worldwide, and welcome 200+ international middle school and high school students to our two-week leadership camps in Canada and England every summer. Now, we are sharing some of our expertise to help you bring these valuable skills to your group.

Each lesson plan involves multiple group activities, individual reflections, and group reflections, and the accompanying leadership lesson guides and resources include everything you need as a facilitator. You can deliver an engaging leadership program in your own school in less than 1.5 hours, or all three lessons as a one-day leadership workshop! All lesson plans and accompanying presentations are in English, but the accompanying lesson guides are designed to also be beneficial for facilitators delivering the program without access to a screen or projector, or delivering it in another language.

By increasing youth’s capacity to understand their strengths as a leader, follow their unique passions and values to make a difference, and be good collaborators and communicators, you are contributing to our vision of “a global community of powerful youth, passionate about service, and equipped with the tools to create profoundly positive global change.”

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The Leadership 101 leadership lesson plan for high school students (youth ages 14-18) provides an introduction to core leadership theory through unique individual and group activities. Leadership is a journey… kickstart your group’s journey today!

The main questions the lesson plan will help youth answer are:

  • Why do leadership skills matter?
  • What are the qualities of a leader?
  • What kind of leader am I?

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The Passions to Action lesson plan for youth ages 12-18 (middle school/high school) provides your group with an opportunity to identify their passions and values, and understand how to transform them into positive action and change in their community. Youth who are able to connect their passions and values with community action are powerful agents of positive change – we have seen this time and time again with the hundreds of participants of our Global Leadership Academies!

The main questions the passions and values lesson will help youth answer are:

  • What are my passions and values?
  • What issues spark action within me?
  • How can I transform my passions and values into action?

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The Communication & Collaboration lesson plan for teens ages 12-18 offers youth the chance to test their teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills in format designed for maximum learning and reflection! Working well in a team and being a good communicator are crucial skills for every leader, and this lesson plan targets soft skill development in these areas of leadership.

The main questions the communication and teamwork lesson will help youth answer are:

  • What does effective teamwork and collaboration look like?
      • What is my role in a team? What do I do well? What can I do better?
      • Why are communication skills important?

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If you have any questions about the program or how to facilitate these leadership lesson plans for your group, please feel free to contact us here. If you are looking instead for a custom 3-to-5 day leadership workshop in your school led by an experienced youth leadership facilitator, learn more about our custom leadership workshops here.

Using the power of experience-based learning, Powerful Youth is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to providing the best leadership training for youth world wide, helping them uncover purpose, fueled by their passions, to create positive and lasting change in themselves and their communities.

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