The Power of Teams in Mexico City: Powerful Youth Workshop

Mexico City, MEXICO — St. John’s School in Mexico City hosted its first of a kind leadership workshop provided by Powerful Youth, in partnership with Brookes School Canada and You Can Learn. With over 85 students in attendance, the day long was an exciting opportunity for students at this school to show their particularly strong collaborative artistic abilities.

Participants where challenged to create an invisible bridge to cross over half a football field filled with obstacles. The only way forward to for students to come together in their teams to not only develop a plan, but execute that plan with everyone working together. Most teams succeeded and felt afterwards that many of the issues they faced in the exercise, are the same issues that they face in school projects. Leadership is not about being the loudest person in the room telling others what to do, that doesn’t work for very long in a team if at all.

During lunch with students and staff, David Charron got an opportunity to speak with several students about their various passions and interests. One student was very interested in business and cable communications, but his real passion is marketing and helping people with every day needs. Continuing along these lines, other students were most interested in the appeal of traveling to far off British Columbia Canada to take part in all the amazing outdoor activities such as: hiking, climbing, swimming, kayaking, etc.

After lunch, students were taught the reverse fishbone tool developed by the famous Japanese engineer K. Ishikawa. It was an enriching day for all!

  • Leadership models and team building strategies.

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  • Communication and public speaking.

  • Social entrepreneurship tools.

  • Project planning and management tools.

  • SMART goal setting and strengths development.

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  • Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

  • Culture and customs from around the world.