Learning Leadership at Colegio Ingles – Playa Rivera, MEXICO

First of Four Leadership Training’s in Mexico

Friday October 24,2014
Playa del Carmen, MEXICO — Powerful Youth, in partnership with Dwight School Canada and You Can Learn, provided the first of 4 day long leadership workshops at the prestigious Colegio Ingles School for 95 students.
As the students from Colegio Ingles met under their school’s “palapa” or open air gathering structure, at 8 am they faced an important question. “When you think of a leader, do you think of yourself?”  From there, co-founder and facilitator David Charron proceeded to demonstrate through a variety of activities and examples from around the world how leadership is more accessible for youth than they think.
Students were joined by teachers and administrators, such as Andrea Noguerón Santamaría who had this to say about her experience after the program 
First, I would have to say that I really enjoyed the workshop and thought it was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the program.  The instructor was excellent.  He was engaging and did a fantastic shop of motivating students and sharing his knowledge.   The activities were fun, interesting, and seemed to get the students excited about doing something new and different.  If I were a student I would certainly be interested in learning more and possibly going to Canada over the Summer to participate.  I liked how he transitioned between physical activities such as games and presentations and “the Ocean of Inspiration” activity.
Despite a early afternoon rain storm which cut the program short, students were still able to complete this beautiful Ocean of Inspiration…a compilation of their ideas to make the school a better community by using the reverse fishbone tool as a decorative fish.  Several bright students expressed interest not only in the leadership program, but also in some of the other summer programs that Dwight School Canada has to offer such as the week long Tofino Camping Trip.
  • Leadership models and team building strategies.

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  • Communication and public speaking.

  • Social entrepreneurship tools.

  • Project planning and management tools.

  • SMART goal setting and strengths development.

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  • Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

  • Culture and customs from around the world.

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