Global Leadership Academy England for Junior Youth

Session 1: July 4-17, 2021

Our Junior Global Leadership Academy for international youth ages 12 to 14 offers an engaging youth summer leadership programme focused on leadership training in the beautiful Cambridge area of England!

Powerful Youth believes that all young people are powerful, but often lack the confidence, leadership skills and global perspective to realize their leadership potential to better guide their future success.

Our Junior Global Leadership Academy for youth ages 12 to 14 is an engaging and fun two week summer youth leadership programme designed to provide international youth (regardless of their English abilities) high-quality leadership training focused on developing their teamwork, critical thinking, and decision making skills through the practical introduction of design thinking.

As an experience-based program, we have packed every day with team challenges, fascinating field trips, fun outdoor activities, inspirational guest speakers and new experiences in England that any teen will remember long after the leadership training program is finished.


  • Designed for youth from around the world and all English language levels.

  • Make new friends from 18+ different countries.

  • Complete 60+ hours of service learning.

  • Receive 24/7 supervision and individualized attention

  • Receive 6 months of online coaching after program ends.

What is the Junior Global Leadership Academy schedule?

All youth participants will arrive to the youth summer program campus all day today. Local pick-up transportation and transfers will be provided to the Brookes Cambridge Campus from either Cambridge International Airport (CBG), Cambridge Train Station or London Heathrow International Airport (LHR). As students arrive on campus, they will be assigned a room, provided a brief orientation, food, and a chance to unpack and settle in.  Today is a chance to get some rest and relaxation in preparation for the adventure of a lifetime in these next 2 weeks.

The first official day of this youth summer program starts with lots exciting activities and the opportunity for participants to get to know each other, our staff and all the campus can provide.  From the rolling English countryside, to the state of the art facilities to everything in between, participants will get know everything they need to know in order to have a comfortable, safe and exciting 2 weeks. Since jet-lag is common on this day, optional evening entertainment is usually a popular blockbuster film.

Learning how to make better decisions is all about having the right tools and process, so today is focused on games, experiences and ways for youth to learn about the power of design thinking.  Youth will also have a chance to push themselves outside of their comfort zone by taking on the challenging ropes course.

Inspiration is something that every young leader needs but is the start of the design thinking process and often the start of most great new ideas.  Today is all about exploring different and exciting passions that youth may have such as: music, art, sports, and other activities while learning how to draw inspiration from those passions to be used to create meaningful community projects.  Today is also a chance for youth to get inspired through some important community service work.

Ideation is about the formation of ideas or concepts, the next step once you are inspired is to try and organize that feeling into one idea.  Today students will learn how dance is a wonderful example of turning inspiration into a single powerful idea, as well as how they too will be turning their ideas in a Design Challenge project before the end of the 2 weeks.

Investigation is all about learning how to do research on your idea, as well as challenge some of the assumptions that you might have.  Research is so much more than just searching online for an answer, oftentimes the best way to research is to lace up your shoes and go find out about something in person.  To day we guide and give youth a chance to reach out and begin the hands on process of learning about the complexity of an issue they want to help solve.

Taking the time to explore what one has done and learned in the past week is an important aspect of critical thinking.  Today’s activities not only focus on fun, such as visiting the nearby downtown of Bury St. Edmunds, shopping and doing a scavenger hunt across the city but youth will also learn how to go about the process self-reflection and improvement.  Participants can do this many different ways and may choose to try art, music, dance, writing, discussion, or other means of reflection.

Investigation is all about learning how to do research on your idea, as well as challenge some of the assumptions that you might have.  We continue to guide youth through the hands-on process of learning about the complexity of an issue they want to help solve.

Invention is taking your ideas and creating something that brings them to life. Students will take the research and learning from the investigation phase, and combine that with their original idea and inspiration.  This is the same process you would do if you were doing a school assignment, taking on a new responsibility, or in this case, working to complete your own Design Service Challenge.  This challenge is an opportunity for youth to address an issue in their community, by designing a solution. Today is a chance for youth to build their way through this concept by designing and actually making their own sustainable furniture to donate to those in need.

It’s an exciting day… we’re off to Cambridge! We will first tour Cambridge University campus and visit famous locations across town, learning about the city and university’s rich history! In the afternoon we have an optional activity visiting Cambridge’s top museum, or simply time to explore, shop, and take photos. A dinner out on the town rounds out the day, where we celebrate all we’ve accomplished so far!

Work continues on the Design Challenge and prototyping project, but we also take time to self-reflect – how can I ensure I make the most of the days I have left in the program? After this reflection, it’s time to share with everyone – but collaboratively! Collaboration is delicate and difficult balancing act of combining your ideas with those of other people. Today’s focus is about how to engage in the process of collaboration through a variety of engaging small group activities and challenges.  In the afternoon, participants according to their interested will be asked to create a large and inspiring work of art, music, dance, theatre or film.  This piece will collaboratively convey the complex idea of what leadership truly means…no small task given only several hours to accomplish.

With all the finishing touches being put on the projects today, we also learn important presentation and public speaking skills so that we can share out passion and work effectively. Then, the evening is spent practicing and celebrating all the diverse skills we have – it’s the Talent Show!

This final day of the academy is dedicated to each participant’s final presentations that they have been working on through-out the experience. Every young leader must be ready with a poster they have designed to answer questions about their proposed Design Challenge project they wish to carry out.  The evening then becomes a special graduation celebration, as elegant as it is heartfelt for all the work, time and laughter shared among lifelong friends.

Participants leave the summer youth program all day today but take with them all that they have learned, experienced and felt along the way. Transportation to the airport or train station, along with a travel meal, is provided by the program.

Want even more fun and exploring in England? Choose a 3-week package by adding the Best of England Tour!

What sets our program apart from all the others?

  • Global Community and Support

    Meet other talented young leaders from over 18+ countries • Receive 6 months of online coaching after the program is over


  • Provide Meaningful Service

    Complete 60 hours of service learning • Create and lead your own DREAM Service Project using your own passions and interests

  • Improve Critical Thinking

    Create and use a digital learning portfolio • Exciting presentations • Learn Design Thinking through hands on projects

  • Discover and Learn New Passions

    Leadership training that includes activities that focus on passions for the Arts • Sports • Music • Theater • Dance • Film • Business • Service

  • Experience the Best of England!

    Shopping • Sightseeing • University Tours • Rich History • Outdoor Activities

2021 Dates and Tuition Costs


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