FREE Leadership Workshops for Youth

Interested in a free and engaging youth leadership workshop at your school?

Now Seeking International High Schools to Host Our Unique Youth Leadership Workshop Totally FREE!

Serving our mission to help youth build their confidence, leadership skills and global perspective to inspire them to community action, we are seeking local area secondary high schools to host us for a leadership workshop for their students. We have run 30+ leadership workshops at English speaking high schools across 10 different countries to thousands of youth ages 13 to 18 years old.  These workshops are not only highly engaging experiences, but they are also absolutely FREE of any charge to the school or it’s participants which include:

  • One expert youth leadership facilitator
  • An exciting 3-hour activity based  leadership workshop
  • Open to youth groups between 20 to 80 youth 13-18 years old.
  • Organizations must provide the space and students,
  • We provide all materials and cover 100% of our own travel and accommodation costs.

We welcome youth, teachers, and parents to contact us for more information or to share this unique opportunities with friends.  If you would like to learn more about our programs, workshops, scholarships and impact, please contact us.

Support for our workshops

  • TEACHER - Ian M. from Germany

    ian-mills-headshotThe Powerful Youth workshop is a hands-on, dive-straight-in challenge which persuades and inspires young students to view themselves as important, influential leaders within their community, capable of directing and enacting meaningful and directed service. Throughout this intensive session students are met with both leadership and service theory and practices whilst also being encouraged to understand oneself in the wider context of community…

What are the steps to set-up a leadership workshop?

27-20141028_145806The first step is contacting us by clicking the “send me more information” button above or by sending us an email directly to

We will reply with additional information about the workshop such as the requirements, schedule, and possible dates as well as answer any specific questions you may have.

Once we connect, we will conduct a simple online interview to review

  • The workshop offer letter
  • The workshop schedule
  • The host requirements for space and students
  • Possible workshop dates aligned with our travel schedule

Of course we cannot say “yes” to all workshop requests but for those we decline, we hope to find a means to include them in our future workshop travel plans.


Once we have agreed on a date, sent a confirmation letter, we come and do the workshop!  Once the workshop is over, we hear many students and teachers have a renewed excitement for leadership opportunities at the school and community service (one of our goals!)  We also hope some additional benefits to the students, teachers and schools are:

  • Provide 3 hour of results driven teamwork and leadership training by a recognized program at absolutely no cost.
  • Open students up to new international unique and exciting summer opportunities such as the Global Leadership Academy.
  •  Motivate students from all academic performance levels to understand and develop critical leadership soft skills.