A Special Saturday at St. John’s College – Cancun, MEXICO

Young Leaders from 10 Schools Come Together to Make Magic

Saturday October 25, 2014

Cancun, MEXICO — 98 students from across 10 different schools in Cancun Mexico gave up their Saturday of lounging around to be a part of a very special leadership training and community building project orchestrated by Powerful Youth in collaboration with Maria Ceron from You Can Learn.

Located on the stunning and serene St. John’s School campus in Cancun, student from across 10 different schools around Cancun answered the call to learn how to be a better leader of themselves and their community.  Students ranged in age from 13 to 19 years old and came from all different manner of places and upbringing.  The beauty in having such a diverse group was that they got to see the power of effective leadership in accomplishing near impossible tasks with ease when you effectively work together towards a goal.

Participants got a chance to work with all manner of different people as they explored the foundations of what separates just a group of talented people and a truly talented team…communication, alignment of goals, trust are just a few of the ideas shared by students.  Participants worked hard through-out the day, accomplishing some 7 different team challenges when the program originally anticipated needing 3.

Before wrapping up the day, every single student shared their 200 peso idea to make the community a better place.  Ideas ranged from animal protection, to beach clean-ups to teaching young children to read.  During the graduation ceremony, one brave participant even shared his incredible passion and talent as a beatboxer…if you don’t know that that is…check out the video!






  • Leadership models and team building strategies.

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  • Communication and public speaking.

  • Social entrepreneurship tools.

  • Project planning and management tools.

  • SMART goal setting and strengths development.

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  • Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

  • Culture and customs from around the world.

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